Tuesday, April 16, 2013

'Substructures III'

Hi friends. Its been a winter of incubation and and gestation. Many exciting doors opening themselves.

The art off the beach test went really well and showed the opportunities revealed by my new quadcopter.

This image is from a test run on the beach getting used to the equipment. On two previous days I discovered my copter battery was dead- missing the chance to photograph two enormous designs, as big or larger than the one here.

Relying on the tech is a little anxiety inducing. As it draws me further from the cliff-side overlook with the promises of capturing a larger tableau, the more reliant I become on it working well- the more variables enter the equation. Such as piloting the copter in windy conditions in such a way that there is good framing of the scene-in the meantime the copter battery last less than 10 minutes.

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