Thursday, October 3, 2013

Workshop and Group Art creation Oct 6, San Francisco

Workshop Scheduled: Oct 6th, 2013, 3:15pm Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Have you looked at my imagery and wondered what the designs are about- where they come from and what they mean? Curious about crop circles, sacred geometry, chaos and fractals and how those fit into my art? Or what they mean to you? Have a desire to doodle in the sand with one of my rakes and play with design potentials?


As time allows, we will go into the following topics:
-crop circles- why are they so compelling
-the origins of sacred geometry and its impact on humanity
-fractals- order within the chaos
-the language of nature, the algorithms of reality
-the development of my art through these various lenses and how they inform the latest designs
-demonstrations of my process, from the geometrical designs to the organic ones
-play with the rakes and do some group activities
-A discussion of the group art to be done after the workshop and the opportunity to have a hand in designing the image we will later create

We'll transition into working on the finalized design at which point we'll have about 2 hours to do our thing before the tide returns.

I'm glad you'll be joining us, its a magical experience to see the process unfold- even more magical to be inside the design. creating it! And everyone who comes gets to choose a postcard print of my art.

(The invite on Facebook- join there and let me know you're coming!)

The northernmost edge of Ocean Beach in San Francisco, next to the Cliff House.

Being that its san fran, be prepared for winds and chilliness. Also bring water, snacks and a sun hat.

I offer this is free of charge. Your appreciation of my art is sufficient payment. If you are moved to donate, $35 is what I have asked in the  past. All support is appreciated and gratefully received. Donate

There will be postcards and prints on hand for sale if that strikes your fancy!

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