Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Art of Being: Nature and Transformative Art-making [Dec 6, San Franisco]

The Art of Being Human: Portals

The Art of Being Human outings are a series of intentional group art-making, each focusing on and exploring a different and pertinent aspect of human embodiment based on what is juicy in the collective. These are explorations in the fundamental beauty and tension of spirit in form that is the human experience, using the vehicle of creative expression via Andres's magical beach art and collaboration with the Earth and each other, with facilitation from Lawrence Kampf and Andres Amador.
'Portal' 2007, Stinson Beach, CA

The theme for this next outing: "Portals"

We'll explore individual and collective experience of Portals. What is coming through you? What are you moving through? From where are you exiting and to where are you entering? The artwork we make will reflect this theme.

2014- Dec 6: "Portals'  
When: 2-5p
Where: Daly City, CA
Cost: $75 with limited partial and full Scholarships available
Registration and details
Bring who you are, no other experience necessary. Andres and Lawrence will begin with an introduction of the work, lead centering exercises and meditations (breathing and movement) leading into a group discussion of the day's theme. There will be an opportunity to share your own experience - verbally or silently. The day will culminate in the collective creation of a large scale beach art design and the inevitable erasure by nature and the tides.
Location Note: location is being determined- most likely near Daly City (5 minutes from SF)

The Facilitators
Lawrence Kampf is a mindfulness and embodiment guide. Lawrence's website and mailing list.

Andres Amador is an artist who leads large-scale group art-makings. Andres' website and mailing list.

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