Friday, February 6, 2015

Meditational Group Artwork

The Meditational Group Artwork is the more intentional, reverential, focused side of my group large-scale art-making. It is a walking meditation, an opportunity to simultaneously focus and release our thoughts, feelings, and desires as we create an artwork together.

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I had been wanting to create an offering that allowed others to create with me in an intentional, ceremonial way. One day I did an artwork, dedicating it to a friend whose son was ill. The next day I did another, this time I put it out on my Facebook page, inviting those interested to send their prayers for me to place in the artwork. There was a huge response, from people calling things into their lives to prayers for those experiencing turmoil. The whole thing felt good- the invitation to participate, the act of doing the artwork, sharing the final image. The experience inspired me to open it up for others to join me. Thus was born the Prayer Artwork. The gathering has evolved to focus on the meditational aspects of the- the part that allows the mind to let go. I still use it as an opportunity to project intentional thoughts and intentions.

This gathering is a meditation in motion as we create a mandala together. We start with body and heart opening activities followed by space for sharing our intentions (if any). Next I'll give a bit of instruction with technique and guidance in what we'll be doing and then we silently create an artwork together. 

I hope you can join us, its a magical experience to intentionally create- even more magical to be inside the design creating it!

Note: Physical condition notice- moderate physical capacity needed for raking as well as getting to the from the beach location.

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