Saturday, January 31, 2015

Demonstration Artwork

Come watch me create one of my large-scale 'Earthscape Artworks'!

What to do: If you position yourself on a vantage point you will have a better perspective to see the bigger image. Come down to the ground to experience what it is like at my level.

What to expect: I typically work about 2 hours. At the start there might not be much to see as I am plotting out what I will be doing. Towards an hour in the design should be taking shape.

Etiquette: I appreciate your appreciation. Here's what can help me stay focused:

  • Ask me questions when I am finished. Or look for Ember or another assistant to give you the deeper insight you crave :-)
  • Photograph of me and the art is welcome. If you have a particularly nice image I appreciate recieving a copy for non-commercial use.
  • Avoid stepping on the parts I have raked. If footprints aren't much of an issue (sometimes on a flat beach this is the case), then walking throught the artwork is fine. 

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