Saturday, May 28, 2016

Interview with

1. What are the three words that can best describe your art?
Ephemeral, Largescale, nature-based (that counts as one word, yeah? :-)
2. What is your mission in art?
My mission is to find satisfying outlets of creative expression for my inquisitive explorations into life and the experience of living it while 
uplifting, inspiring, and opening the viewer.

3. What is Instagram for you?
A forum for sharing creative expression.

4. What is your favorite post in your Instagram account?
Hmm, more generally speaking, I love the behind the scenes posts that Ember occassionally puts up which often include our boy Kavi. Those rarely make it to my FB page.

5. Where are you from?
San Francisco. I have roots in Ecuador.

6. What or who is an inspiration for you?
Andy Goldsworthy is a definite inspiration in the way that he can express natural processes (unnaturally occurring) and so clearly reveal the conversation between nature and artist. I'm drawn to traditional cultural arts. I am drawn to graffiti art.

7. How do you create your drawings?
Each piece takes a different approach. For each I must come up with a plan that is unique to that specific drawing. Often the development of an artwork, the process of a design's evolution through multiple iterations, is more about the refinement of the process involved to make it than it is about whatever the content of the design is (though the two are inextricably linked). On a more specific note, I look for periods of good tides when I will have lots of beach space and then I go out with my rakes. From there, it can go any direction.

8. What was your first drawing on sand and where did you make it?
I was in Kuaui, on a beach that took 2 days to hike to. It was a geometric design in the vein of crop circles, done with my hands scooping the sand.

9. How many drawings on sand have you done?
Hundreds. I lost count long ago. I've been at this for nearly 13 years. Lately I've been picking up speed and doing any more each year.

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