Monday, April 26, 2021

Disc II


In my many years of doing this largescale art, I have come up with many techniques for keeping it all together over hundreds of feet. When I develop a new technique, it generally inspires a slew of designs as I play with what the grid enables and then just see what happens. 

The grid in this artwork quite complex. It is a series of expanding rings with spokes radiating out. But then each spoke has parallel lines alongside it, which creates very wide spokes. The artwork is just essentially revealing certain parts of the grid, 

The grid method can either be extremely time consuming as when I must set up a grid that is mostly not expressed (as in the last image below), or it can be quite quick as with the first and second image below (which is not to say that the entire design was quick to make!). Grids allow for alignment and sizing over areas that are not connected, allowing for a large spread out design to feel cohesive.

Here are more designs with grids at their core.

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