Thursday, December 1, 2005

design work

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My design services have been used in situations where a creative and artistic approach was needed. Problems exist to be solved, and generally design work involves lots of innovative solutions. In my own work I have had to devise cunning approaches in order to either create or display my art. This extends to my many years bringing art to Burning Man, which demands flexibility and creativity on the behalf of all who wish to bring their particular visions to the desert.

I work closely with my clients, first carefully assessing their needs, then advising, with my recommendations and observations, potential courses of action. I approach design as I do my art- as a constant work-in-progress, where flexibility, creativity and changing desires are a natural and expected part of the process. I find this process exciting, for while the end goal is known, the form that may take is unknown til we get there. While I can take on most assignments, I work best where the process of creative flow is appreciated and desired.

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Shpongle mask for Thump Radio

Whip It
A very interesting and challenging design endeavor, creating a trade show display booth. Check out a detailed look into what was involved here.

Velocity Circus
Over the years I have done many design projects for this theatrical group. The work has been highly unusual and therefore quite interesting. Go here for detailed looks at various projects with them.

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