Thursday, December 6, 2007

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Art Lost to the Tide (Metro newspaper ) Sunday, November 18, 2007
It's not every artist who puts all their effort into creating a grand design – only to watch it being washed away by the tide.
 Sand circle 2
But Andres Amador is happy to do so as he rakes his sand art on to the beaches around San Francisco.
His huge spirals and symbols can be up to 20m (65ft) wide but they last only a matter of hours before they are swept out to sea.
'The window of opportunity is very narrow,' said the 36-year-old American.
 Sand circle 3
'The main natural force I am working with is the tide.
'In order to maximise my canvas – the available, moistened, hard-packed beach – I work within a few days of the full moon or new moon during which the difference between low tide and high tide is at its greatest.'
Usually starting with a doodle, he sketches out the design on his computer before heading to the beach.
Mr Amador said: 'The art I create is intended as a reflection and a reminder of the grandeur that exists within every viewer and the beauty that abounds in our world.'
 Sand circle 1
And he said he did not mind that his sand sculptures are at the mercy of the elements, although he did find it hard when fog ruined his photos.
'The scale of my artwork combined with the fact that it will soon be erased calls attention to itself,' he said.
'Once I have finished a piece and can get up on the overlook to see my work and take photos, I completely let go of it.'

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