Friday, September 4, 2009

Playa Painting- Burning Man 09 design from plane

Burning Man has come and gone. This annual event has replaced my Christmas and New Years. Build up build up build up, preparation and planning, spectacle and energy. And then...its all over?! 
Click the image for a larger shot...
The design is in the lower right hand corner as seen from 2500 feet in the air (thats the plane poking into the image at the top left. I make out 2 little dots near the top right of the design which I think is Ember and I sitting near our bikes.
It was another tough year for my art there, as ever, it would seem. The playa surface was either crumbly drifts or hard-pack. Over the course of several days I found a big stretch of unbroken ground. Whew! Its work! We finished in time for the aerial flyover.
I think this piece is the largest I have yet done. I chose a fairly straight forward design to make which was a nice contrast to the playa itself- a watery design for a dry lakebed.
Next year it will be bigger and better organized....! 

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