Sunday, January 10, 2010

Playa Painting- Connections III

playa painting
My first time out to the beach in a looong time! And it was a beautiful day :-) When I got there though, there was like a convention of feisty dogs running around marking up a perfectly smooth beach...I had to sit and let it be and trust that the design would show through. And it did, but this panorama I stitched together is whats hurting now. But it gives the essence. I did a riff from a recurring them except that this time I raked in only the intersections of lines and not the line itself. Thats how the 'stars' can feel so conencted. if you look closely you can see the small line I used to start the design off. Its fun to reveal less and less of the architecture and focus what is happening on top of the structure.

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