Thursday, May 14, 2015

International Peace Belt

photo by S. Smith Patrick
I had the honor to be selected as an artist with the International Peace Belt Project. This is a hand made chain link belt adorned with precious stones and coins from all over the world that is worn by an artist while they create and artwork. It has been worn by dancers, painters, musicians, and on this day I wore it (as a bandoleer) while raking a prayer mandala on the beach near San Francisco.

The belt is a part of the organization Artists for World Peace, which is a humanitarian group that brings needed services to communities around the world. The belt, charged with the energy of whichever artist it has been with then goes with the team to the areas where the humanitarian programs are being done. Its an amazing organization with a beautiful spirit and goal.

The day I did my artwork was filmed and will be combined with documentation of the other artists involved.
photo by S. Smith Patrick

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