Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Interview for La Stampa Italian magazine

Something about you...(age, where are you born, which studies have you done, what's your job, your favourite music, your favourite sport ...)
I love do not listen to music when I work, I prefer the sounds of the waves.

What was your dream as a child?

How your passion for sand-drawings came to life?
I had been studying ancient geometry when I was on the beach one day playing in the sand with a hiking pole, making different marks, when it suddenly dawned on me that I could apply what I had been learning to the beach to create enormous designs similar to the way that any pre-computer, architecturally advanced society would have done to design their cathedrals, palaces and tombs. 

When have you done your first circle?
that was in 2004

How long resist your works? Do you get angry when someone walk on them?
They begin to wash away almost immediately. And in general I don't get upset when people are clueless and walks on it. It can be aggravating when someone does  see what it is and walks on it anyway or has their dog run through it. Dogs are the worst!

Do you work secretly or in public?
Well, all beaches here are public. When I want people to be able to see what I am doing I will go to a more public location. When I am working on a commission I will go to a remote location or not announce my presence.

How many times do you need generally?
How long does it take? 2-3 hours.

Is there someone that confuse them for alien- signs?

How do you realize them? Which is your technique?
There are so many techniques I employ that I don't have time or you have space for me to really talk about it. For the most part I am just using a rake.

Do you project them, first? (on a computer or drawing on paper?)
I am always sketching ideas.

How many drawings have you done since now? 
Hundreds and hundreds

How bigger they are usually?
I do them as large as I can which depends on the size of the beach, the amount of useable sand,my energy level, the complexity of the piece. Up to several hundred meters across when I can do it.

Which are the difficulties behind your work?
Planning towards the right tide- it changes every day, every month and season, and also shifting every year. Also finding the right locations- even beaches I know well change constantly.

How can you give the idea of "different colours"?
I don't aim for different colors. I design from the perspective that there is only contrast and  darkness gradients.

Do you get inspiration from something when you have to draw?
I get inspiration from things around me constantly. Those become seeds for my own explorations.

Are you the only one in the world to do this? Do you know someone else like you?
There are a few other who bring a rake to the beach. There is none other like me.

The bigger drawing have you ever done? The difficult ones? The strangest ones? 
What comes to mind is doing art on a beach while a storm was happening. It was for a film and we felt like persevering. But I could hear the huge waves crashing not that far from me, violent from the storm. I felt many times that a wave would wash me into the ocean.

The draw that you couldn't realised yet?
I have many many ideas awaiting reality. There are many designs waiting to be realised.

Are you working on something right now?
I'm always working on many things...

Have you ever tried to make your self-portrait?
Haven't tried that yet...

Is there a place, a beach, where you dream to draw something?
I can't think of a particular place. What I dream of are amazing conditions wherever it is that I go. I especially Iike the exploration of the unknown.

In which places have you been? Only on the USA?
I'm going to Brazil in a week, Ireland next month. South Africa not long after. I have been to England, Bermuda, France, and Italy doing my art.

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