Friday, November 6, 2020

Portal II


This piece was a test of an idea that spurred its further development.

I made this one during my early years with this large-scale artform. My entry into creating this art was geometry, through which I could achieve such enormous designs in such short time. 

An issue I faced in the early years was that the geometric designs felt static- motionless and lifeless. So very soon I was looking for ways to enliven the designs. 

This design used a simple construction method to create these 'molecules'. Their various orientations give a sense of movement and the semi-overlaid circles suggesting depth.

For my next shot at this design, I shaded in portions and made different sized molecules. The big change was creating a 'mask', an overlay over the design that creates the feeling that an opening is visible to another place where these molecules are floating- hence the name 'Portal'.

Once I had the drone and could take aerial photos, I decided to take another crack at the design. The drone allows me vantage points for photography that enable me to consider the entire landscape. So instead of having a masking layer, the land form itself would be the mask- the molecules would be contained by the features of this beach. To make this piece I brought in friends who worked in groups to enact the design steps to create these elements. I gave each group a different size cord to make their design with and guided where they would work. This final piece has depth enhanced by the layering of molecules in some places. I feel complete with this line of design.

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