Saturday, December 5, 2020

Tutorial- Making a Line Design Star


I was obsessively drew these as a young boy, making all sorts of permutations and complexities. Then, many years later I was creating these in 3 dimensions as kinetic sculptures

Essentially you are connecting points on graph paper. If there is no graph paper, then you are making it yourself, either measured out in advance, or eyeballed in the moment. The graphic below pretty much sums it up. 

Create a set of points evenly spaced out on one axis. Then do that for another axis- whether at 90 degrees, as my example has, or any other angle. Connect your points in the manner shown. Extend the axis, make more spaced points and those and then you repeat this process, shifting 90 degrees each time, each subset section contributing to an overall design.

Here's my sculptural version of it. (You can see more on my website)

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