Thursday, November 16, 2006

Playa Painting- Connection

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In the image there are two points that grow and grow until they meet at the middle. Or its one point that grows on one side and then shrinks on the other. Or its a single entity that expands from the center, constricting as it spirals out. And as it turned out I caught two obviously separate people brought together within the context of this piece, underscoring the theme of connection/separation.
It took me a while looking at this image for this deeper meaning to come to me. There's an idea in quantum mechanics of 'linked pairs'. These are 2 separate particles that have yet to fully form themselves. The amazing thing is that when one finally does take a final shape, the other immediately changes no matter what distance is between. The space separating them could be the universe and they would still respond to the other at the exact same time. As Keanu would say, 'woe'.
In the end we're all just humming waves of energy, forming identities, forming interconnections, reaching higher states of awareness. The levels of interaction between the bits that make up our existence are truly beyond our ability to comprehend. But we can recognize that there are connections at realms beneathe our ability to discern that bind us to all other things, even to the things across the universe. Perhaps the connection is so esoteric as to be meaningless. Or perhaps an understanding of the connection would transform the way we carry ourselves in this reality. Perhaps the truly enlightened individuals throughout human history have been those people who have caught a glimpse of this deep undercurrent of connection. And I mean not just in the sense of mentally indetifying with the notion, but truly experiencing the picture as it looks from way up, as in seeing my playa paintings from above versus from on the beach.

Design: Andres
Done by: Andres
Photo: Andres
Date/Tide: H-ft L-ft Moon-%

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