Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Playa Painting- Star of David

Time to veer from curves and give straight lines a chance....+ a nod to a huge inspiration, my main man Escher.
This one is a test of a totally new method of laying down a grid of straight lines instead of following circles. There are bunch of designs using straight lines that I've been working on, but I decided to start it off with this one, based on 2 impossible shapes revolving around each other. The lines are a little too close to each other, in my opinion as the illusion aspect is not so clear. However the test was a stunning success. So now the flood gates are open for more designs incorporating straight lines. I'll be experimenting with other possibilties soon....
Design: Andres
Done by: Andres, Amy
Photo: Andres
Date/Tide: 11/14 H-6.5ft L-0.6ft Moon-94%

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