Friday, October 7, 2011

A write up on my most recent piece

From the blog Se Petites Mains 

A fews weekends ago, we happened upon Ocean Beach which I find to be ridiculously dramatic--for the tide, the cliffs and, the typically, very foggy weather.

And this day, lived up to expectation. But the little ones still threw themselves into the surf, clothes and all, just like any other day at the sea. And as they swam, the most remarkable bit of art was being created behind them, just to the reaches of the tide.

photo: Beth Miles
Andres Amador, an artist known for his impermanent sand designs, which can cover enormous swatches of beach, was creating a marriage proposal request in the sand below the cliffs. It was amazing to watch him, so calmly sculpt the sand, with his rake, as the tide skimmed right up to the edges. A few times, the tide would erase a piece here and there, only to have Andres re-sculpt the edge.

I felt like we had been privy to one of nature's magical creations. And also part of some couple's very romantic afternoon.
photo: Beth Miles

Thanks Andres, it was lovely to see. Hope you all enjoy something magical this weekend, too.

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