Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Discovery Channel

I just got filmed by the Canadian Discovery Channel!

In preparing for it, I wanted to do something that was science-y to go along with the program filming me. I was looking towards a geometric oriented design comprised of organic shapes. Going through tons of design concepts, looking through my books of inspiration, I found my self returning to the artwork of Ernst Haeckel and his drawings of aquatic plant life. The ultimate idea was of a kelp forest/coral reef feeling.

Developing the resulting drawing got me moving in new directions with the art, which is really exciting. I can see that there is lots more to develop, that aspects of this drawing could use refinement. And yet the elements of something really awesome are there.

Its tough to go for new terrain, especially when being documented. While I would like to have another go at this design, ultimately I'm happy with the result.

They filmed me leaving my house and driving down the street and then interviewed me afterwards. It is set to aire in September and I'll post it!
Here's the video!

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