Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Children at Art Events Notice

Children of any age are absolutely welcome to participate and up to age 15 I offer a 1/2 off discount if they are full participants (meaning they get dedicated use of the limited tools).

Here are my thoughts when considering bringing your child:
  • Depending on the workshop there is a lecture and instruction portion- will your child be interested in this part?
  • My request to all participants is that they stick to the work we are all doing so that we can create a unified artwork. Those who wish to go their own direction I politely direct to other parts of the beach
  • I would like you, the parent or guardian, to be able to be present to the activity. Does your child have a natural curiosity about the subject matter?
The gatherings are about 3 hours long, which can be a lot for young folk. The beach is a perfect place for kids to have fun. Perhaps another adult can be present to supervise so you can fully participate in the gathering if your child feels a waning attention.

Note: In registering, purchase 2 full price tickets and I will refund the difference after the event.

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