Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Workshop 2: Geometric Art

Geometric Art focuses on playing with geometry. We'll talk about principles of geometry, go over technique, and then participants have a chance to create a large-scale artwork together.

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Have you looked at my geometric artworks and wondered where the designs come from and how the heck I did them so large and so perfectly?

Perfect! Come to my upcoming workshop focusing on geometric art and learn all about it.

Here's the general flow of the gathering:
  • I'll do a talk about topics related to the designs:
    • where do they come from?
    • what is it about them that is so compelling?
    • any questions the group may have
  • Go out to the beach and I'll show you my technique
  • Break into teams during which you'll have a chance to practice
  • Transition into working on the final design
  • Take some aerial group photos of our creation!
I hope you can join us. Its a magical experience to see the process unfold- even more magical to be inside the design, creating it!

Note: Physical condition notice- moderate physical capacity needed for raking as well as getting to the from the beach location.

Questions? Use the 'Contact' tab above. Thanks!  :-)

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